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I got a score of 59. "Full and satisfied"

Congratulations! Good run!

Are there other ending states worth replaying for a higher score, or was 59 prey including the princess enough for the "best" ending?

There are various "endings" you can get depending on factors like what you do with the princess, but if you got "Full and satisfied" then that's the highest tier based on score. There's nothing else for getting a higher score than what you got.


The box puzzle room was a pain for a no kill run, but it was neat.


I didn't really balance it around a no-kill run! Sorry about that. I'm glad you still found some enjoyment!

nice (:

Thank you!

Wow! I wasn't expecting to have some real fun today!

That was a ton of fun! Planning on making anything else?


I've got at least one other game idea that I'm going to be working on! Though I'm trying to finish some other things first.

very cute and fun game, some areas r little challenging :D

enjoy it a lot

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I don't see why this has the adult tag. My best guess is that you're voluntarily eating people alive. But the graphics style, in my opinion, obscures it to the point it doesn't deserve that tag. Unless it's more for the subject matter or I'm missing something.

I just realised that it's vore


I had that thought too. But even vore seems like stretch. That'd be like calling the Three Little Pigs a vore story and rating it R.

Hey, this was a nice little game. I usually look for games where the player is prey, but the player pred games hit the spot for me every so often. This being one of them, so good job. I played it a good amount of times. Got about 5 different endings, though I'm out of time right now so I can't try for more.
Was this a little happenstance project you decided to do, or maybe a precursor for future projects you have ideas for?

Well it was kind of a happenstance project in the fact that it kind of came out of a joke from one of my friends, but I had actually been wanting to make a PICO-8 game for a while, and I'm definitely hoping to make some more fun little games like this!

The lil heart when you nom someone is so, SO adorable. This was a super fun romp to play through!!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought the heart was a nice touch. ^^

Found a bug on the second castle screen, when i pushed one of the rolling boxes and it collided with another it gave me an error reading
runtime error line 528 tab 1
other.stun(other, x, y)
attempt to call feidl 'stun' (a nil value)
In push line 528(tab 1)
in update line 493 (tab 1)
in _update line 45 (tab 0)
at line 0 (tab 0)

Thank you! That bug was found by a couple people. It has now been fixed and should work properly in the current version.